Bette Spear, LMHC, LMFT

Ordained  Interfaith Minister

EMDR Therapist








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Bette has 30 years of experience working with  Grief and Loss to Sudden and Violent Death including homicide, suicide, vehicular crashes and domestic violence.    Bette has spoken internationally on the topics of sudden and violent death and the search for meaning after loss.


She also works with the suffering of long term life threatening illness with individuals and families.
Using:   Herself, EMDR, IFS, ADEP, traditional talk therapy, and, often, compassionate humor to assist in calming the affects of trauma and grief. Bette feels very strongly that along with clinical skill, relationship between therapist and client is most important.
Groups are often available for the above topics.

 All spiritual or faith paths are welcome.
Bette has experience in, and loves to assist in preparing, and officiating at funerals and memorial services. 

Victims/survivors of crime and sudden loss often experience extreme sadness, symptoms of or the diagnosis of PTSD (anxiety, fear, nightmares, invasive thoughts and images, startle responses sleeplessness appetite changes and more) as well as depression, dissociation. One question is “Will I always feel this way?”  The work is to move toward whatever healing is possible through the mecurial often agonizing affects of grief and loss.

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